Magdalena Almodovar Martinez

(08/28/1919 - 05/10/1987)

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Born: 08/28/1919 in Ponce, Puerto Rico Certified Father: Abelardo Almodovar (Born 00/00/0000)
Died: 05/10/1987 of Natural Causes Certified Mother: Juana Santos Almodovar
Children: Hiram (Butch) Martinez (Restricted)
Harry Martinez (Restricted)
Edna (Cookie) Martinez (Restricted)
Siblings: Guillerma Almodovar (Born 00/00/1896)
Evangelia Almodovar (Born 00/00/1900)
Florentino Almodovar (Born 00/00/1902)
Alejandrina Almodovar (Born 00/00/1907)
Juan Almodovar (Born 00/00/1908)
Sixta Almodovar (02/07/1912 - 08/25/1990)

Pastor (Pop) Martinez on 11/13/1940 in Ponce, Puerto Rico Certified


AKA Galen

Image Gallery

Magdalena Martinez
Pastor, Galen & Butch
Young Family
Galen & Hiram (Grandma & Butch) late 40's early 50's
Up on the roof top - New York
Picture was taken in the early 80's.

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Title Description Date
Birth Certificate Almodovar Y Santos - Magdalena 08/28/1919
Marriage Cert Record from 02/12/2016

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